When You Get Sunset in Phuket Beach

The Beauty of Beach

"Lets go to the Bus " Mr. Driver said loudly to the travelers.

One of team leader try to negotiate with  the driver about the trip schedule. "Kun Pun" his name. Kun Pun explain that the way to the beach may will traffic this evening. So Kun Pun ask to the leader to change plan for the trip. we hurry up to go to the seat in the bus. I choose to have a seat near Kun Pun so can enjoy the scenery around long the way of Phuket
We go from hotel
Our hotel is inside the campus of Prince of Songkla University. nice hotel and clean also good facility. I can also run around the campus for exercise. so nice places. So we go from campus, the bus slowly go out from the gate of the campus while the driver focus on the road my friend sing a song " lets go to the sunset my love".

Welcome to California
They said to me, this is california but Thailand. Phuket is California in Thailand. The boat go and back run around the beach drawn the life of beautiful. Alot…

Cold Weather its time go to the North

This time go to the North of Thailand and dont forget to use Jacket or extra blanket. Where is the north. I will give you three places. The cold season on December to January.

1.Chiang Mai

Chiang mai province is the popular city. The most popular destination for the visitor. Alot of hills and mountain. The weather between 18-26 C. Chiang mai is the best places in Thailand for the this session

2. Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai province is near Chiang mai. This province the northest of Thailand. Close to border of Myanmar. This province have cold weather and attract alot of visitor to come.

3. Phitsanulok
Phitsanulok is the province in the north.

When her eyes take me to Nakhonsawan

Why we should go?
I try to contact by phone or facebook massanger about  plan to go Nakhonsawan. Nong Ake sent the information that his friend come from Nakhonsawan. He said will manage the dinner together at evening before visit the Festival "Chinese New Year's Day". This the reason that I go with Nong Ake to Nakhonsawan.
Chinese celebration in Thailand should be spectacular because there around more than 7 million Chinese  blood live in Thailand. They have community in Nakhonsawan province for years ago. Nakhonsawan is the center of three river meeting point. So this place is a mel pot for many ethnic specially chineese ethnic. This the explanation from nong me.

Nakhonsawan Province

Nakhonsawan Province located in the north of Bangkok. in the south border with Uthaitani province and in the North with Phicit Province. Nakhonsawan city located very strategic because all the bus always pass this city. Bus from Bangkok to the north (Phitsanulok, Lampang, Chiang mai,,…

My Plan to visit Phitsanulok

I try to make a plan to explore Phitsanulok province. The provinve in the north of Thailand. The distant from Bangkok around 300km. It can reach the place by plane from Don mueang or Shuvanaburn Airport. We can also go by train takes 6 hours. But I like to go by Bus from Mochit Terminal Bus.

This plan by Nong Nam. Nong Nam is my sister who always bring guitar. She is guitar player. I ask her to do performance some time. She likes to sing Thai song. Pop song is her favorite song. She is come from Phitsanulok.

Nong Nam can you make kind of Tour plan trip to Phitsanulok. She said " Okay Kha" So this is the short plan or very short plan that she made. She also put some picture in the plan to show the place. It Looks beautifull place.

This is my note

The tour of Phitsanulok for two days, The first day is visiting Phitsanulok waterfall and the second day is shopping in the night market.

Day 1

12.00 Lunch Time
13.00 Visiting keng Sopha waterfall
17.00 Bact to the city.

Day 2
17:00 …

Chiang Rai Sunset in Rice Field

I went there some time at evening and I got it. The silent of place. It is peace place and fresh air. The beauty of sunset in Chiang rai please look at the sky. I was happy to see the rice field grow and give hope to the farmer on next harvest. I just said It is bless from God.

Where?Chiang rai is the northest province in Thailand. We can go there by plane arrive in International airport Chiang Rai. The bus from mochit terminal bus will be second alternatif with 7-8 hours trip.

Nong Ake introduce this place a month ago. He was giving ride by motorcycle around Mae Fah Luang University . Not really far from Rabit Farm Cafe. Around 2-3 kilo meter from the main Gate University Mae Fah Luang University . Only private car or Taxi motorcycle can reach this place. There is no public transportation here.

Bicycle A rare house around this rice field only a few house seen very far. There is a hills that Nong Ake always said to me someday we will go there. But until now we never go there. Anyway …

I have Lost GPS System in Keng Ai in Nakhon Thai

We have problem with our GPS when we will go to this Place. Oh noo... there is not internet signal...Tyo said to me.😢 oh My God...

This is not my plan. I started just wanting to take a swim today  in the pool with my friend Nong Dudi but he did not want to go. I asked my friend Pi Sada to persuade him to come along. Finally succeed but go elsewhere   to Keng Ai in the Nakhon Thai district, Phitsanulok , Thailand.

Here's our trip. Go to KENG AI....where is Keng ai...I have no idea yet.
We went there from Phitsanulok City around 13 p.m and arrive there around 15.00 p.m we are so late to arrive there we just have around 3 hours until 18.00 p.m to enjoy location. We should pick up Pi Tatar from the city to go together. He stay in city of Phitsanulok. about 15 Km from my place.

I need Pi Tatar to help us to be a guide to get that placee. One more thing is I need my GPS system in my cellphone to go there I need to predict time and location. We are happy in long way to go there. Pi Tata…

Muengkom not Nong Muang

It was an reading mistaken when I saw a ticket bus to the place in Loburi. So please be Aware with the Thai text in the ticket bus. it will bring you to the wrong places.

I said Mung Kom but She said Nong Muang หนองม่วง. Hm Its  my mistake. I am not really seen in the ticket Nakhonchai Bus Tour Travel that my destination is  Nong Muang not Mueng Kom. It is why i just pay 175 THB for this bus Ticket. Usually I paid more than 250 bath. There is mistaken. yes true.

This morning i will make a travel trip to petchebun the place that i will spent around two days. I love this places because near Pitsanulok province. I will take the bus from Bokoso 2 (terminal Bus in phitsanulok) it will take about 4 hour to arrive Mung kom. Travel to petchebun already i have done several times. I still want to travel there.

There is two ways from Phitsanulok. I can use mini bus or Bus. the ticket bus and mini bus is same 250 THB. it will take 4 hour to arrive in the Petchebun City. Today I decide to take a B…